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Etymology of glad:

O.E. glæd “bright, shining, joyous,” from P.Gmc. *glathaz (cf. O.N. glaðr “smooth, bright, glad,” O.Fris. gled, Du. glad “slippery,” Ger. glatt “smooth”), from PIE *ghledho- “bright, smooth” (cf. L. glaber “smooth, bald,” O.C.S. gladuku, Lith. glodus “smooth”), from PIE base *ghlei- “to shine, glitter, glow, be warm” (see gleam).

This weekend I’m glad. Gladness has been a theme. Friday night I attended a ladies retreat through my church where we had lessons focusing us on God and preparing our hearts for spending most of the day alone with God on Saturday. On Friday we worshiped. A song came to mind, We Will Dance, by David Ruis. If you click the link and read the lyrics, can’t you just envision the glad Bridegroom, Great King of Kings, dancing at His wedding feast with the thousands of people who make up His bride?

Saturday was spent, then, for me, focusing on the relationship of Christ and the Church as Groom and Bride. I don’t know how much you have thought about this or studied it. Recently I’ve become more aware of the betrothal connotations of the Lord’s Supper, of the promises in John 14:2-3, and of course the direct references like that in Revelation 19.

Picture a man engaged to a woman who is far away. He calls her on the phone and reassures her of his love. He sends her gifts. They share delight in their love. She renews her resolve to be the most deserving bride she can be. They spend time building the relationship. And there is the anticipation of the wedding that makes them almost giddy. Closing her eyes, the bride-to-be can envision her Beloved celebrating at the feast. Ah, the dancing and singing and glad shouts. How she will glow!

So, translating those things spiritually, that’s what I did on Saturday. Scripture testifies mightily of God’s love for us. It challenges us to faithfulness and pure living. Books especially of prophecy provide us with inspiration and hope by painting pictures of the victory and fulfillment and restoration at the End. And then there is praise for the incredible, unspeakably undeserved love God lavishes on us.

Today in church people said I seemed to shine. Moses shone after he’d been with God. Can you really see it?

Be glad. Be with God. Shine.


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